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home maintenance zixca

Home Maintenance

Here you will find a wide range of styles and options for all the home maintenance services.

Electrical Service

Here is all types of electrician you need to get your problem solved


Installation Service

We give you a wide range of options for installation services of home appliances

Zixca Party decorators

Event Management

We are in term with  variety of venues for your party, functions and events.

We are

Trusted Expert Designer Professional

We are Trusted Expert Designer Professional

Home Maintenance

Find the kind of service you need at your home.

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plumbing service

Plumbing service

Zixca Customized work

Customized work

Zixca painting Service

Painting service

Zixca Designing home solutions

Home solutions

construction-work Zixca

Building work

house designing service

Designing service


Wiring service

Zixca office electric service

Commercial projects

fitting service Zixca

Fitting service


SmartHome solutions

lighting solutions zixca

Lighting solutions

Zixca Electrical repair

Electrical repair

Electrical Service

Look for the service you would like us to fix.

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Fill in the details form and you will be getting call from us to fix the appointment.

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We strive to continually challenge the performance of our team by offering, disruptive, creative, innovative and hassle-free  solutions to our clients.

We employ only those who are expert and working in the same field for more than 5 years and are skilled in that particular  task.

Our team is a group of trusted people we dwell on for the best and flawless work.

  • We seek for the customer satisfaction which is on the priority for us.
  • We support our nation and want to create more jobs for needy and honest people.
  • We want to make this world a more better place to live.
  • We like to take off the burden on your shoulder a little bit.

We know that our clients have busy life which is why they are searching for solution online and they really need a tension free life,too, that is where we come in and take all your problems to fix it once and for all.

We assure you that we will take care of you until you get what you asked for from zixca expert. We will also promise that if anything is not according to you we will refund all the money and apologize for wasting your time.(This is rarest of rare case)

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