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Home solutions

Relax at home when you have a smart house.


Luxury apartments  are now installed with these features that allow any user to control the house by operating it via cellphone, computer or tablet. In Home solutions ,we provide you the solutions which make your life more easy by interconnecting all the appliances and will let you take control of any area of your place just by sitting at your bedroom.

Home Solutions Key Features:

  • Planing of space and utilization of area in proper manner.
  • Managing the rooms setup and dimensions.
  • Interior & Exterior decoration.
  • Smart TV, Automatic temperature control and Automatic Lighting.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Home Security Cameras with DVR & Remote Viewing.
  • Home Theaters Big & Small.
  • Stereo Systems that work throughout your home.
  • Integrated Home Security Systems.
  • Home Media Servers for backup of important files and your own private Cloud Storage for Pictures, Videos & Music.
  • Easy Access to your Home Network by creating “YourFamily” and linking to it.
  • Everything Remote Controlled from your Phone, Tablet, or Computer.

Our experts have all the ins and outs of the Home solutions after completing hundreds of projects. Our clients requirement is on priority for us and we design according to their needs and convenience.

How Zixca Works?

Step 1


Apply for the appointment. 

Step 2

Pay online for the appointment.

You will receive confirmation email.

Step 3

Tell the Zixca Expert about your problem. He/she will quote the best price in the market.

Step 4

 If you are not agreed with the quotation , call our civil project manager cum engineer. Let him talk to expert for bargain if there is any scope for it.

Step 5

Now, Sit on the couch and let the magic of Zixca Expert begin.

You are also entitled to free rework on the same service for 30 days.


Why You Are So tensed

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Customer Reviews​

When I visited  dehradun for few weeks I had some household work at my In-laws place. I was not sure with whom I should call to come over and fix the leakage problem in our kitchen and bathroom. I googled it and found ZIXCA. I called them unwillingly and get an appointment. I was also made sure that the person will be skilled and background checked for safety purposes. I am happy and quiet satisfied with the service.


Housewife,Lives in Saudi Arabia

I always go online whenever I want the best at low budget. I found Zixca claiming itself a best service provider. I wanted to test it. I fixed my appointment and got a Zixca expert who was no chatting guy. I told him about all the electric appliances I had to get fixed. He just spoke for once and quote me the best price. Not more than 1 and half an hour he completed the work and assured me for free service if the problem persists.

Harshit Chaudhary

Engineer, Lieutenant

I like the way They work my faucet was leaking and I had to fix it before my tanks water runs out. As expect, Zixca expert came and solved the problem. Also, He checked all the faucets and pipe for smooth working of water pipeline. Additionally, Zixca expert reached on time and did servicing upto the mark. From now on, I will prefer you always. Thank you Zixca.

Surya Bisht

Developer, Co-founder of Dooncrew.com

Home Solutions


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  • Free services for 1 year*
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