Commercial Projects

Call us: +919720709520 Working hours: 8am-9pm Commercial Projects Zixca experts have experience to deliver the quality work Our services are fully professional and specially customized for offices, factories, manufacturing floors, companies and many more. We have an extensive workforce having experience in commercial electrical projects. Our professionals keep customer satisfaction on the top and complete the project timely. Zixca experts will always make it easy for you to opt the right options for you. Reliability and…

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"Commercial Projects"

Wiring Service

Call us: +919720709520 Working hours: 8am-9pm Wiring Service Building is safe when electrical wiring is done by expert. Currently, We provide electrical wiring service to our clients in Dehradun , Rishikesh , Haridwar, and Mussoorie. We work closely with our clients and contractors to get the best results. Material used by our experts has been tested and adopted by thousands of our clients . Our experts check each and every guidelines in the electrical industry…

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"Wiring Service"